Message from the President

Since its founding, MEISEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. has been pursuing stable manufacturing technology and quality every day in order to meet the needs of everyone as a conductor manufacturing industry.

As a result, our high-quality products produced by our in-house developed technology and manufacturing method using mechanical equipment are now being provided to everyone in Japan and around the world.

Even now, in order to maintain stable quality, price and delivery time that is acceptable to the times, and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, we are making every effort and development as a whole. From the perspective of rapidly expanding globalization, we are working closely with many related companies, including overseas, to further provide our products to everyone around the world.

In the future, instead of pursuing trends, we will continue to create new products that include high-quality products and development technologies that can be used in the world at any time, and even if they are small, they can be used in the world and are truly useful companies. We will spare no effort every day to develop in order to meet the demands.

President and CEO TORU YAMADA


Be aware of my mission and create added value through constant innovation

Company Profile

representative President and CEO TORU YAMADA
Head Office (Honsha)
〒371-0202 1332 1332 Murosawa, Kasukawa-machi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
  • TEL027-285-4121
  • FAX027-285-4124
Osaka office
〒541-0046 Room 206, 2nd floor, Sarai, 2-2-9 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  TEL(cell phone)080-2208-9367
Founded July 14, 1969
Established October 20, 1970
Capital ¥30,000,000
Business content (1) Electric wire for communication equipment (copper foil thread, rolled copper foil, extra-fine wire)
Electric wire for audio equipment (lead wire for speaker)
Electric wire for electronic equipment (lead wire (urethane film copper wire terminal processed product, vinyl) Coated copper wire end processed product))
Manufacture and sale of parts for electronic devices
(2) Design, manufacture, and sale of machines for manufacturing electric wires for communication, audio, and electronic devices
(3) Design, manufacture and sale of machines for manufacturing parts for electronic devices
Number of employees 50

Corporate history

1969 July Established as a private business Aoi industry
1970 October Reorganized into MEISEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. (capital: 4 million yen)
1973 February Moved to Aioicho, Kiryu City with the establishment of a factory
1975 October Second factory set up
1976 July Increased capital to 7 million yen
1977 February Increased capital to 10 million yen
1978 October Established Kasukawa No.1 Factory
1980 February
Increased capital to 30 million yen
Expanded Kasukawa No.1 Factory
1983 February
Established Kasukawa No.2 Factory
Established Kasukawa No.3 Factory
1987 August Established Kasakake Factory
1988 May Established Kasukawa Onabuchi Factory
1989 July
Reorganized to MEISEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.
Headquarters moved to Kasukawa to expand control
1990 January

Abolished due to relocation of Kasakake Factory
Abolished due to relocation of Onabuchi Factory
Renamed Kasukawa No.1 Factory to Headquarters No.1 Factory
Renamed Kasukawa No.2 Factory to Headquarters No.2 Factory
Established Headquarters No.3 Factory
Renamed Kasukawa No.3 Factory to Headquarters No.4 Factory
1991 December Reorganized the Engineering Department into an affiliated corporation, Yuki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1996 February Transferred the Engineering Department from Yuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. to MEISEI INDUSTRY
2000 February Purchased 2,846 square meters of land adjacent to the south to expand the head office
2001 January
System Equipment Division Factory established
Kiryu Inspection Factory No.2 moved to Kiryu Factory
Kiryu Inspection Factory was abolished and moved to the head office
2003 May Obtain ISO9001 EQAICC
2004 March Abolished the private power plant and changed the name to the No.5 factory of the head office
2021 June Partnership with Mecha Industry Co., Ltd.
2022Jan Opened Osaka office

Group company

Meka industrial Co.,Ltd URL:
〒989-5333 4-1 Sodetoya, Kurikomakatagozawa, Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture
  • TEL0228-45-1558
  • FAX0228-45-3034

quality policy

The quality of MEISEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. is the accumulation of our craftsmanship.
Quality in MEISEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. is a manifestation of the quality of each of us.
In order to further maintain and improve quality, it is recommended to work on improving the qualities of individual people.

President and CEO TORU YAMADA